Careers at Insuranceland

Insuranceland is a progressive employer and we are always looking for new talent for our Team. We currently have four unique teams, Personal Lines – Sales, Personal Lines – Customer Care, Commercial Lines and Support.

Personal Lines – Sales 

Our sales team is the driving force of our business growth. Providing comprehensive quotes and complete sales service to our customers and prospects is the primary focus of this team. If you feel you are ready for a very rewarding and highly-compensated career in insurance sales, this may be the right team for you.

Personal Lines – Customer Care


The Customer Care Team is truly unique whereby they are our masters of client relationships. They are focused on our long term relationships with our very strong client base. We never use numbers to refer to our clients. They are our customers and are always referred to by name. Ensuring that all of our customers’ needs are fully met, this team strives to maintain a very high client retention. If you love to work with existing customers and are interested in servicing these clients, this team may be the right choice for you.

Commercial Lines 

Our Commercial Lines Team is responsible for a very wide range of commercial clients. From a simple hot dog cart to multi million dollar businesses and buildings. This team is our most unique and very high paced department. From maintaining our existing client relationships to establishing new clients, our commercial team works directly with our clients on direct basis.bipper-magenta-w-slogan-[Converted]


The Support Team consists of students, work from home professionals and many others. This is the back bone of our office, managing the lighter processing of information. Many of the team members within this group are selected for their unique skill sets that are an asset to our organization. If you have a truly unique skill set let us know. There may be a fit for you within our company.

All of our customer facing team members are fully licensed Insurance Brokers. If you are interested in a career as an Insurance Broker please contact the Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario (IBAO).