Your Group Auto & Home Insurance Program!

Companies, Unions, Associations and not-For-Profit Organizations can sign up for Group Auto and Home Insurance programs for their members.

Members savings can range from 5% to 30% off both Auto and Home Insurance!

This is an exclusive discount not offered to the public.

Low rate and great discounts for drivers and home owners

Group Auto Insurance

Amazing Low Rates and Great Discounts for all Drivers. Save up to 37% off your Auto Insurance! Total savings to your Employees or Members could range from 42% to 67%.

Group Home Insurance

Amazing Low Rates and Great Discounts for all Home Owners. Save up to 37% off your Home Insurance! Total savings to your Employees or Members could range from 42% to 67%.


Program Sponsor Benefits (Employer/Association)

  • Enhancement to existing benefits program
  • Minimal or no administrative expense
  • Sponsor assumes "no liability"
  • All sales and service is provided by Insuranceland Inc. and Waterloo Insurance including inquiries, quotations, policy issuance and maintenance, payment options and claims settlements

Employee/Member Benefits

  • Discounted rates could cut premiums - standard policy discounts are available on both auto and property policies plus the group discount
  • Convenient payment plans with a variety of options including monthly payments, one or three payments, or credit card payments
  • No interest or service charges (except on credit card payments) - most insurance companies charge service fees on payment plans - additional potential savings of 3% of the total premium
  • Quality insurance protection
  • Individual counselling and seminars at the client's site (Ontario only), including loss prevention programs
  • All current employees/members or retirees are eligible for the program (including financial dependents residing in the same household)
  • Coverage for terminating employees/members continues until the regular policy expiry date
  • Access to national call center for all services with extended service hours
  • Licensed insurance agents provide professional insurance counselling
  • Inter-company discounts are applicable for a variety of account and multi-vehicle scenarios between member companies of The Economical Insurance Group
  • Fast, fair, courteous 24-hour claims service across North America, through one toll-free number
    If a group member has both auto and property insurance with Waterloo Insurance, only one deductible will apply if a one-incident claim affects both policies

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