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We have the best insurance protection for all of your Property Insurance needs. Our flexible Home Insurance products include:

  • Homeowners - insurance for those who own a single family dwelling, duplex, triplex, semi-deached or town home.
  • Builders Risk - a package designed for the individual who requires coverage for a dwelling during the construction period.
  • Condominium - insurance designed for contents, personal liability, and extra property limits.
  • Tenants - for individuals who require coverage while renting a home or apartment from others.


Additional Property Insurance Available:

  • Personal Umbrella Liability - provides excess liability coverage over primary
  • Safe Harbour Yacht Package - covering water crafts, jet crafts and yachts.
  • Seasonal Dwellings - covering seasonal/vacation homes, trailers and campers.
  • Rented Dwellings - for individuals who are the owners of a rental unit(s).
  • Increased Liability limits - are available for those who require additional coverage.

Are You Covered?

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