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Home Insurance

Look no further for your Property Insurance needs

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We have the best insurance protection for all of your Property Insurance needs. Our flexible Home Insurance products include:

  • Homeowners – insurance for those who own a single family dwelling, duplex, triplex, semi-detached or town home.
  • Builders Risk – a package designed for the individual who requires coverage for a dwelling during the construction period.
  • Condominium – insurance designed for contents, personal liability, and extra property limits.
  • Tenants – for individuals who require coverage while renting a home or apartment from others.

Additional Property Insurance Available:

  • Personal Umbrella Liability – provides excess liability coverage over primary liability.
  • Safe Harbour Yacht Package – covering water crafts, jet crafts and yachts.
  • Seasonal Dwellings – covering seasonal/vacation homes, trailers and campers.
  • Rented Dwellings – for individuals who are the owners of a rental unit(s).
  • Increased Liability limits – are available for those who require additional coverage.

Overland Water

Did you know that traditional “Sewer Backup” coverage does not protect against Overland Flooding?

“Sewer Backup” coverage protects when the sewer lines connected to you home back up and cause damage to your property.

“Overland Water” is water that makes its way into your home from excess water coming into the home from the surface. This is usually caused by excess rain.

Cyber Coverage

Do you have a home computer, tablet or smart phone?

If you answered “Yes” you should look into cyber coverage to protect you and your equipment from a cyber attack. This will provide coverage to repair your equipment to remove the malicious software.

Additionally the coverage will assist in recovering lost information and data.

Students / Parents

Do you have any children away at school?
Or any Parents living in a retirement or assisted living home?

You can have your home insurance liability and contents protection extended to students living away from home ( there may be a distance requirement). Also if you have a parent living is a retirement home you can also protect their contents and liabilty.